When I Deleted Me



When A Story Appears Mundane . . .

When There’s an Empty Chair at the Table . . .

Here Lies . . . An Unlikely Candidate

I’m Listening (she says in her best Frasier voice)…or Not

To be silent no more: #metooatGibeah

If I Had Known Then What I Know Now: Pastoring and #MeToo

What Anticipatory Grief Is Not

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Tell Me the Story of Trauma

The Good Tears of Grief

When Expectations are Unfulfilled

Why I Support Bipartisanship…as a Christian



When God is Apparently Absent

When God Waited

Why I Don a Mask  . . . as a Christian

When Enemy Images Emerge

When God Resisted Toxic Positivity

When Jesus Was Needy

When Jesus Did Not Obey the Rules

The Unanswered Prayers of Jesus and Me

When Jesus Asked ‘Why’

4 Lessons about Life I Learned from Death

The Myth of Returning to Normal

Drowning in a Sea of Grief

The Unspoken Tragedy of the Coronavirus

Anger Unmasked

Faith in the Dark


Why Is It Everybody Else Is So Happy Except Me . . . and Other Sweeping Statements I Believe

A Table Changes Everything

Words a Pentecostal Does Not Want to Hear . . .

Finding Freedom in Mourning

The Time Warp of Grief: Going Backwards to Go Forwards

Being Matters

Risk, Uncertainty, Exposure, oh my

What I Learned about My Humanity from My Pet

Why am I . . . epistemological and existential questions that haunt me in the night

Once upon a time . . .

God’s Voice of Silence

What Does a Swan Have to Do with Grief?

Being Welcomed: Is There Anything More Affirming?

This Little Light of Mine


Rituals: Security for a Long, Dark Night

The Holidays: When Loss Is Revisited

A Love Story That’s Not Just Between Two People

But . . . But . . . I’ve Done Everything Right, So Why Is Life Going Wrong?

It Isn’t Pretty . . .

Playing the Blame Game

Sacred Space: A Divine Encounter Between Us

When A Transformational Shift Occurs . . .

The Powerful Reality of a System

The Power of Touch

A Lesson from Souper Potatoes

Worship & nonViolence

One of These Things is not Like the Other

The Unmapped Experience: An Escort to Empathy

An Unlikely Marriage


The Borg, Losses, and Pentecost

Be All You Can Be and Other Such Thoughts

When Uncertainty Fosters Hope

Learning from “Curiosity Killed the Cat”

God, Where Are You?: A Response to an Age-Old Question

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Webs, Spiders, Flies, and Blame

Space in Me, Space for You

Learning from the Power of Abandonment

Praise, Potato Chips, and the Dark Side


The Significance of Re-membering over Dis-membering

When Christmas is NOT as Advertised

A White Elephant in the Room

Learning to Care for the Enemy . . . within

What’s Our Mentality? Scarcity or Abundant?

Thoughts on Conflict, Violence, Humanity, and the Church While Jet Lagging

Vulcan Mind Melds & Shared Realities, Part 2: Loss of Identity

Vulcan Mind Melds & Shared Realities, Part 1: Loneliness

When a Caregiver Says, “I don’t know”

The Chaotic Journey of Transition

The Vulnerability of the Journey

Listening: A Sign of the Church?

Parallels of Presence

The Fallacy of Letting Go

Grief and a Need to Matter

Grief as a Protest

Presence: A Gift of Dementia?

A Space to Mourn . . . A Space to Celebrate

Being with the disenfranchised . . . griever